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About Our Dog Grooming Services in New Jersey

We Groom All Dogs, Large or Small, and we do not Breed Discriminate!
Sorry, we do not groom cats.

You and your dog will benefit from our exceptional dog grooming services in New Jersey. We have a group of dedicated staff who absolutely love animals! Our staff is compassionate about pets and our human clientele. Most grooms take between two and three hours to complete. This is based on the size, coat condition, and trim style. We will give you an estimated time for your dog’s groom when you drop him off, and we will call you when your dog is ready to be picked up. Aside from grooming services, we also offer dog boarding. We board cats too!

Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to accommodate geriatric, disabled, and most difficult dogs in our pet care facility.


The price for grooming services depends on breed, style, temperament, and condition of coat.

Free Client Consultations
Proper pet hygiene is important for your pet. New client consultations are always free at the Clip Shoppe Groom and Board. Upon check-in, we thoroughly review what we can or cannot do for your pet on that day. We will discuss trim options that will fit your pet’s lifestyle, frequency of professional grooming needs, and in between professional appointment care. We will even teach you how to brush in between appointments if you are interested!

A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet!
Routine grooming every 4 to 6 weeks for most pets keeps their skin and coat in peak condition. We have a variety of services at very competitive prices to help you keep your pet looking and smelling wonderful. At the Clip Shoppe Groom and Board, we believe in producing high-quality grooms that you and your pet will love.


For more information about our grooming services, give us a call right now.

Standard procedures for all dog grooming services at the Clip Shoppe Groom and Board include:
Ears Cleaned and/or Plucked
Nails Clipped
Pads Shaved
Glands Checked
Tearless Facial Shampoo
Shampooed with our state-of-the-art bathing system
Coat Conditioner
Hand and/or Air Dried
Haircut and/or De-shed

Additional Services:
De-Skunking Baths
Re-Moisturizing Skin and Coat Treatments
Medicated Baths
Flea Baths
Teeth Brushing
Gland Expression


Walk-in Services:
Feel free to walk in the Shoppe for any of these services to keep your dog comfortable in-between grooms.

Ears Cleaned
Eye Trim
Feet Trim
Gland Expression
Nail Clip

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